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Invisalign has been growing in popularity with both children and adults. Given how effective and comfortable Invisalign clear aligners are it’s no wonder people are opting for this treatment to straighten and align their teeth.  In place of traditional metal brackets and wires, these custom-fit, clear aligners, move your teeth gradually into the optimal position.  This treatment offers far more flexibility allowing for fewer visits to the office and faster treatment results!

How to Choose an Invisalign Provider?

If you are thinking about starting Invisalign clear aligner treatment, we are here to break things down for you. Choosing a credible, experienced orthodontist that will give you a customized treatment plan is the first step. Both doctors at Cronin & Czarnik Orthodontics pride themselves on being the best at what they do. Dr. Cronin and Dr. Czarnik have received Invisalign’s highest award possible and are Diamond Plus Providers.

What Does Diamond Plus Mean?

Invisalign providers are broken down into tiers by how much experience they have. This is based upon how many patients they have treated with Invisalign clear aligners. The most experienced doctors receive a Diamond Plus Top 1% rating. Dr. Cronin and Dr. Czarnik are proud to have provided outstanding care to so many patients that they are Diamond Plus Top 1% Providers. 

Why Experience Matters?

  • No case is too challenging or complex
  • We have a proven history of providing outstanding care to thousands of patients
  • Your treatment is more efficient allowing you to achieve a perfect smile in less time
  • You can relax knowing that you are in good hands

Who Is a Candidate for Invisalign?

ALMOST ANYONE! Do you have…

  1. Crooked teeth
  2. Crowded teeth
  3. Gaps between teeth
  4. Overbite or underbite
  5. Crossbite
  6. Open bite or deep bite
  7. Bite issues
  8. Chipping teeth or wear on your teeth
  9. Missing teeth
  10. TMJ or jaw pain

If you have any of the above or are just curious to learn more about orthodontics with Invisalign we are happy to help! There are no age restrictions and no case is too difficult for Dr. Carolyn Cronin & Dr. Scott Czarnik. 

Each case is unique and we would love to talk to you about YOUR smile! 

Call or text our office to inquire about scheduling your complimentary exam: (303) 428-3613

Proudly serving the North Denver community (Westminster, Arvada, Thornton, Northglenn and more!) as well as our second location in Winter Park, CO serving Grand County (Winter Park, Granby, Hot Sulphur Springs and more!)

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