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Braces 101

Braces are the original teeth-straightening solution. The fixed orthodontic appliance stays put throughout your entire treatment and consists of brackets, which are bonded to your teeth, and lightweight archwires. At Cronin & Czarnik Orthodontics, we use modern braces that shift your teeth into position more quickly and comfortably, so you can get a stunning smile and healthy bite with minimal impact on your daily life.

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How Do Braces Work ?

Once your braces are in place, they exert constant, gentle force that causes the periodontal ligaments to loosen and creates changes in your teeth-supporting bone and tissue (don’t worry, it’s painless!). This allows your teeth to move in a carefully controlled direction. When the teeth are in their ideal places, new bone forms around them and the ligaments tighten back up to secure them in position.

The Benefits of Braces

  • Safe and effective for children, teenagers and adults
  • Can treat a wide variety of orthodontic problems, ranging from mild to severe
  • Bonded to your teeth, so you can’t lose them and you don’t need to worry about wearing them for a prescribed amount of time
  • May be more efficient than other treatments for certain bite issues
  • Available in metal and clear
  • Treatment will improve your oral health and, of course, the appearance and function of your smile!
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Confident Smiles Start With Expert Care

Don’t let your smile insecurities hold you back! As a top orthodontist in Westminster, CO, we have the knowledge and expertise to achieve fantastic results for patients of all ages. Whether you have slightly crooked teeth, severe orthodontic concerns or anything in between, our doctors will tailor treatment to your unique needs. To get started, schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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