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An Innovative Alternative to Corrective Jaw Surgery

Did you know that the width of the upper jaw is tied to your health and overall wellbeing? When the upper jaw, or maxilla, is too narrow or small, it causes a misaligned bite and interferes with breathing. In the past, adults usually had to resort to jaw surgery to fix the problem.

Well, not anymore. At Cronin & Czarnik Orthodontics, we can treat some cases without surgery by using maxillary skeletal expansion (MSE), also called miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion (MARPE). This in-office, non-surgical treatment helps widen the upper jaw, open the airway and improve breathing in adults.

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The Link Between Your Upper Jaw and Breathing

After the industrial revolution, diets became softer and packaged foods were introduced. This meant less chewing and, thus, less jawbone stimulation, which caused human faces to change. The upper jaw became narrower, oral muscles weakened, faces got longer and crowded teeth became much more prevalent.

Unfortunately, these changes don’t just affect your oral health and smile. A too-narrow upper jaw also makes the nasal passages and airway smaller and creates less room for the tongue, potentially leading to a chronic stuffy nose, mouth breathing, snoring and sleep-disordered breathing, including obstructive sleep apnea. This takes a toll on your oxygen intake and quality of sleep, putting you at risk for a number of health conditions.

How Does MSE/MARPE Work?

MSE is a revolutionary alternative to surgical expansion for adults. The approach involves placing a maxillary palatal expander, along with four temporary implants in the roof of the mouth (palate) to secure it. The procedure is quick, done right here in our office and only requires a local anesthetic.

Once the expander is in place, you’ll use a key to activate it. With each turn, the appliance exerts force that gradually widens the upper jaw. When expansion is complete, Dr. Cronin and Dr. Czarnik can then use braces or Invisalign® to straighten the teeth and finetune your new and improved bite.

Who Can Benefit From MSE?

While it will depend on your individual case, upper expansion could be an option if you’re an adult and a narrow upper jaw is causing:

  • A crossbite
  • Excessive crowding of the upper teeth
  • Sleep apnea or sleep-disordered breathing
  • Snoring
  • Trouble breathing properly through the nose
Ready to Start MSE Treatment?

To find out if you’re a candidate for maxillary skeletal expansion, schedule a complimentary consultation at Cronin & Czarnik Orthodontics in Westminster, CO today. Our board-certified orthodontists can help you breathe easy and smile confidently.

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Before & After MSE Treatment

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