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In a world that often feels fast-paced and technology-driven, the power of art to inspire, calm, and connect people is more important than ever. Oftentimes with a busy schedule it is hard to imagine free time to create art let alone admire it. At least I felt this way and oftentimes put off a project thinking I could make time for it another day. My thinking changed this past summer while on vacation in Michigan. While walking through the town of Douglas, I stumbled across a FLAG, Free Little Art Gallery, and was immediately inspired.


The idea behind this community art initiative is simple but profound. Much like the well-known concept of the Little Free Library, where people can take and leave books, the Free Little Art Gallery offers a space where individuals can enjoy and contribute to the world of visual art. The gallery is open to everyone, and it operates on an honor system. Visitors are encouraged to take art, leave art, or simply take a moment to appreciate the creative expressions of others.

This concept allows anyone with any skill level to contribute a piece of art. Even something as simple as a photograph or a favorite quote written down on a piece of paper. This low barrier of entry gives me hope that I along with my fellow North Denver residents can further explore our creative side and not let a busy schedule get in the way.


My wife, Dr. Carolyn Cronin, and I are practicing orthodontists who fell in love with the field of orthodontics due to its roots in art and science. The foundation of orthodontics draws upon vast medical knowledge and training but relies upon creativity and a strong visual sense to create the most aesthetically pleasing smiles. This sense of creating is so rewarding and it comes in all forms, not just revolving around teeth.
Art may not be for everyone, but it is our goal to make it a little less intimidating. We hope that by building a Free Little Art Gallery and placing it in front of our office it will make art more accessible. So far, our patients have amazed us with their creativity and willingness to participate. This is just the start of our FLAG, but it has already brought us so much joy. We hope those in the community feel the same way, and can stop by and enjoy seeing what others have chosen to create and share!

Please come out and share your art, we would love to see what you create!

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