“The staff here is absolutely wonderful and the client service is outstanding! We recommended Dr. Chubb to our friends and family with utmost confidence.”
— Aidan S.

“We just returned from Chubb Orthodontics and it was a great experience. My son was nervous about getting braces and they put him at ease in no time. They are kind, patient, and thorough. We will probably be spending many years with this business, and it helps so much that they are great!”
— Jackson M.

“Outstanding service. Everyone in the office is friendly, professional, and responsive. All questions are answered and I never feel rushed.”
— Cameron M.

“We have had a great experience at Chubb Orthodontics, they are friendly, helpful, and very punctual.”
— Noah G-M.

“I am a little biased against the overall dental industry. I think many dental offices employ methods that are more fitting for a sales and marketing business. Which is fine, I guess, as long as they call themselves a ‘business’ and not a ‘practice.’ And they call what they do ‘selling’ and not ‘treatment.’ And they call the people they are selling to ‘customers’ and not ‘patients.’ That all being said, my experience with Dr. Chubb and his excellent staff is they operate a first-rate, true-blue orthodontics practice. They treat patients with the best care, in the patient’s interest, delivered at a fair cost.... With no upsells and bill padding.... They are great. I am very pleased with them. And I suspect most people needing orthodontic treatment will be too.”
— Steve M.

“AMAZING! I wish I could come and just hang out with the staff! Everyone is super-friendly and very personable. I’ve been hooked since the first appointment and can’t wait to see Dr. Chubb work his magic on my teeth!”
— Allison G.

“I just want to say thank you to Dr. Chubb and his staff. They treated me for over a year, and provided the best experience from day one all the way up to my final appointment date. He and his staff are very professional, polite, transparent, and upfront with their patients about their treatment. I highly recommend Chubb Orthodontics if you’re looking to better your smile.”
— Matthew V.

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