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Dr. Carolyn Cronin

Board-Certified Orthodontist

Dr. Carolyn Cronin was born and raised in rural Southern Illinois and was the oldest of three children. She graduated first in her dental school class at University of Illinois-Chicago and was chosen to attend arguably the most prestigious orthodontic residency in the country, University of North Carolina. Upon moving to Colorado, Dr. Cronin opened Cronin & Czarnik Orthodontics with her husband and fellow orthodontist, Dr. Scott Czarnik. She also became a faculty member at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s where she serves on the Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Team.

Portrait of beautiful young woman with perfect smile. Isolated on white.Orthodontics
May 12, 2022

Is Straightening My Teeth Really Worth It?

A lot of people are motivated to get orthodontic treatment because they want a stunning smile. At Cronin & Czarnik Orthodontics, we’re all for that! Dr. Scott Czarnik and I…
April 12, 2022

Sore Teeth? The Best Denver-Area Ice Cream Shops Serving Up Sweet Relief

What’s not to love about the Denver area? It’s beautiful, there are so many amazing outdoor activities and we get close to 300 days of sunshine a year. Another perk…
What Age Can Kids Get Braces?Orthodontics
February 18, 2022

Why Do So Many Young Kids Have Braces Today?

  When I was a teenager, I actually spent quite a few years in braces. I wasn’t alone. Most of my friends and classmates also got braces around the same…
January 24, 2022

Get to Know the Couple Team Behind Cronin & Czarnik Orthodontics

We might be a little bit biased, but we think there’s a lot to love about Cronin & Czarnik Orthodontics. We have cutting-edge technology, advanced treatment options, a bright, modern…
Teen with bracesOrthodontics
October 7, 2021

Hey, Metal Mouth, Hey, Train Tracks! Six Funny Comebacks For People Who Wear Braces

Brace-ism: believe it or not, it’s a concept. The Urban Dictionary defines brace-ism as “acting mean to people who have braces on their teeth.” Phrases like metal mouth, brace face,…
October 7, 2021

What Is Orthognathic Surgery?

Orthognathic surgery is surgery to correct a wide variety of abnormalities of our patients' jaw and teeth. The surgery is often done in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. While the patient’s…
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